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Voor ieder budget een spectaculair feestje!

Caught in the Act

The Legendary Cult Boyband Caught In The Act is back on the road! In the boyband age of the nineties, Caught In The Act, with more than 12 million records sold worldwide, was one of the dominant pop boybands in the world. Sold out tours, golden records, performances and tours in Europe, South-Africa, Australia and the Far East;  Caught In The Act was everywhere with it’s happy pop outfits and songs.

Now, the four boys are back on tour, mesmerizing fans worldwide by giving them what they want. It’s a ‘Let’s Go Back To The Days Of Our Youth’ experience. They sing, dance, and perform all of  their greatest hits: ‘Love Is Everywhere’, ‘Babe’, ‘Let This Love Begin’, ‘Baby Come Back’, ‘My Arms Keep Missing You’, ‘Don’t Walk Away’ and many more. Undeniable fun, boyband moves, charm, positive energie and a true back to the ‘90’s experience. Caught in the Act is Back!